The joy of little dogs

By Ingrid Fetell Lee

1501407755_d4ec992d22_oToday I have a post on DeepGlamour about the history of lapdog glamour, investigating how tiny pups became associated with Hollywood and high fashion. But the whole idea for the post started because while I see that Paris Hilton and her many imitators tote around their Chihuahuas in their designer bags like status symbols, I just don’t get it. Those little dogs are so impish and funny that they’re like a living parody of the whole idea of glamour. For me, little dogs are not about status or sophistication but about joy.

Small dogs are pure personality coated with fur. I see them on the city streets and everything they do just makes me laugh. They’re the anti-trophy, the anti-status symbol. They love unconditionally, indiscriminately, energetically, and with abundance. Their values are the opposite of the scarcity and exclusivity that define status. Unlike the affected aloofness of the high-class, small dogs (actually, all dogs) are interested in everything and everyone. They trample joyously over the carefully constructed distance that celebrities create for themselves, romping over to sniff a potential buddy, oblivious to the fact that they might expose their owner to unwanted conversation.

Perhaps this is the allure. Perhaps the little dog becomes the way to break down barriers for those of a certain social strata. Even socialites and starlets need joy, especially when it can be disguised as a posh Chihuahua in an in-season purse.

Image: Nutloaf

July 10th, 2009


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  1. Tania Purcell on July 13, 2009

    I have two small puppies, Bob and Marley…both Shitzu X, very smart with very different but equally funny personalities. Though in essence cute ‘fluffy slippers’ I love them for their warmth and energy…not their cuteness or accessory quality. In truth I feel sorry for accessory pooches…they must look at themselves every day and say WTF (sorry)???!!! I treat B+M like big dogs, they walk everywhere, they don’t wear clothes and they never go to a salon…plus they eat normal dog food!! I bought them separately and 7 years apart and it is weird that they each reflect a side of my personality and the side that was most dominant at the time I ‘met’ them. They are a great complement to each other and together they are harmonious…for that on an environmental and personal level I am very grateful.

    Most of all they are attuned to me…my mood, fear, pain, illness etc…they react and adapt according to what is happening in my world and ALWAYS give me a dose of healthy enthusiasm and pure excitement to make me feel happy.


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