By Ingrid Fetell Lee

This clever little rainbow by Dutch artist Helmut Smits made me smile. Not quite the reaction of the “double rainbow” guy, but still, there’s something joyful about rainbows…

I love the opportunistic quality of this incredibly simple piece, the way it takes advantage of an existing motion to create something beautiful. For people who regularly sit behind the wheel of a car, the movement of windshield wipers is almost invisible — of course, it’s designed to be that way. Like a kite exposing the movement of the wind, or these speed blend tires embellishing the motion of bike wheels, it’s amazing how a little color can expose the hidden beauty of an ordinary arc.

{via @etsy}

September 26th, 2010


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  1. Balu on November 22, 2012

    Hi there Rainbows are awesome aren’t they. Also I recoemmnd some hardyheads as they are very playful and great to watch. I am based in Sydney and used to live in the UK but you do not get the awesome colours or varieties there. The only hints I can give you are to give them some light and lots of TLC:)


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