Joyspotting 1: shredding rainbows

By Ingrid Fetell Lee

CR Shredder

Every week my inbox is filled with more joyful images, events, and links than I can possibly write about. So I’m toying around with the idea of a weekly or semi-weekly collection of joyful links. Let me know what you think.

Rainbow shredder: wouldn’t it be amazing if all your bills came out like this? By Chrissie Macdonald, photograph by John Short, {via Birdwatching, a very cool site featuring the work of female graphic designers}

Slate: Why are car paint colors so boring? {via @mimiochun}

Guardian: Northern lights appearing much further south this year than usual – amazing photos. (I’ll be on the hunt for these in Iceland this new year’s eve…)

A team of researchers has developed a 360 degree panoramic ball camera. I love how this adds a playful gesture to a functional object. The camera takes a full panoramic photo when thrown up in the air – must be seen to be believed. {via @brainpicker}

And finally, AoJ was selected as a Weekly Best by the beautifully visual news reading app Flud last week!

I’m in Portland this weekend, and will be joyspotting here. What shouldn’t I miss?

October 29th, 2011


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  1. Kelly, Arte Styling on November 7, 2011

    love the idea! yes – please share your links.

  2. Anna on November 9, 2011

    the more joyful links the better 🙂 you always have a great eye for things!


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