{simple pleasures} Sand-sliding

By Ingrid Fetell Lee

Roberto tovar design miami

It’s often the simplest things that bring us the most joy. I collect tons of examples of small pleasures but sometimes hesitate to post them because I feel like I should always have something profound to say about them. More and more, I’m starting to catch on to the idea that I don’t have to have all the answers, and that maybe the joy is in the finding of things, and experiencing them together.

So here’s to simple pleasures, like sliding on soft sand. If you watch children (and many adults) at beaches, they will often head straight for the dunes. There’s an intuitive attraction to that wonderful feeling of slip-sliding gently down the slope, feeling the sand give way under you, and its silky quality as it runs through your fingers. But given the threat of erosion on the dunes, this simple pleasure is no longer an innocent one. So it was nice to see this photo by Roberto Tovar of Formlessfinder’s installation for Design Miami, which created a 500-ton pyramid of sand at the entrance. And even nicer to see it in use!

Via 01 Magazine


December 15th, 2013


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