Objects of affection: next-level Easter eggs

By Ingrid Fetell Lee

AoJ eastereggs

My grandparents were big into Easter, and I have great memories of dyeing eggs and going hunting for them in the backyard. But even my crafty Nana would be blown away by these incredible Easter egg DIYs. They’re all a bit different, but beautiful symbols of the renewal that’s upon us now that we’ve passed the equinox and spring is really on its way! See below for links to instructions on how to make each of the eggs shown above.

I’m headed to Georgia this weekend for some early spring sunshine. Hope your weekend is full of color and at least a few Cadbury cream eggs!

Clockwise from top left: Dip-dye ombre eggs, gold marbled eggsdrizzled eggsgalaxy eggs.

March 26th, 2016


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