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Online Workshop: 5 Secrets to Designing a Joyful Home

My popular, free workshop revealing the secrets to turning your home into a haven is coming back this fall. Sign up here to make sure that you get a spot!

Selected Past Events


Online Workshop with The Wing: Cultivating Joy in Chaotic Times

Struggling to find joy amid the current crisis? You're not alone. But giving ourselves permission to experience small moments of joy during difficult times is vital to helping reduce stress and increase our resilience. Join Joyful author Ingrid Fetell Lee for an interactive conversation and Q&A about the importance of cultivating joy in our daily lives and how to start where we are.


Well + Good Panel: We could all use a little happiness right now

Well + Good's first ever digital talk featured Ingrid with Lia Love Avellino from The Well and optimism doctor Deepika Chopra discussing ways to find joy even during a global crisis. Walk away with actionable intel and tips for discovering moments of light in the face of unprecedented uncertainty.


Aspen Ideas Festival: The Surprising Power of Joy

In this talk, Ingrid shares how simple changes to the world around us can improve our health, stimulate creativity, facilitate social harmony, and of course, promote joy.


Amsterdam, NL: Designing a Joyful Life at the Happinez Festival

To celebrate the launch of the Dutch translation of Joyful, author and joy expert Ingrid Fetell Lee empowers Happinez attendees to find more joy in life and work through design.


Alt Summit, Palm Springs, CA: Reclaiming Joy: The Creative Power of the Feminine Aesthetic

Women designers and artists have known for generations that vivid colors, bold patterns, and fluid forms can have a profound influence on emotional wellbeing, yet this attention to aesthetics has often been dismissed as superficial or unimportant. In this talk, Ingrid shows how patriarchal culture has suppressed women's natural aesthetic intuition throughout history, and shares a fresh perspective on the opportunity for women everywhere to reshape the world with vibrancy and joy.


LA: Honor Roll

An interactive conversation at the headquarters in LA where Ingrid answers your question about joy and explores what it looks like to live joyfully in work, relationships, and life in general.


NYC: In Goop Health Workshop Series

In this workshop series presented at the 2019 In Goop Health summit in New York, Ingrid teaches attendees how to maximize joy in their lives and expand their creative horizons.


Tucson, AZ: Tucson Festival of Books

In the panels "Mysteries of the Human Spirit" and "Find Your Joy," award-winning authors Ingrid Fetell Lee, Lisa Genova, and Joseph Deitch discuss their latest groundbreaking books and experiences.

Minneapolis, MN: Studio/E Hero Speaker Series

In this interactive conversation as part of innovation organization Studio/E's Hero Speaker Series, Ingrid speaks about how we can discover joy and turn the word into a practice.


Seattle: Joymakers Workshop with Spruce Up

Need more space for joy in your life? Discover what brings you joy in this special Joymakers Workshop in Seattle. Ingrid will reveal how we cultivate joy and wellbeing through changes in our physical environment and walk us through hands-on exercises to explore what brings us joy.


AIGA NY: The Aesthetics of Joy

Designer and writer Ingrid Fetell Lee and Debbie Millman come together for an intimate discussion on Ingrid’s first book, Joyful, the definitive guide to finding and creating more joy in the world around you.


London, UK: How to Find Joy in the Everyday at the RSA

To celebrate the UK launch of Joyful, Ingrid speaks about designing joy at the RSA. Based on insights from psychology and neuroscience, renowned she shows us how to find joy hiding in the everyday things around us.


The Wing: A Workshop on Joy

Wing member, designer, TED speaker and author of new book Joyful, Ingrid is bringing her work to The Wing for a hands-on workshop for 150 women and non-binary folks about the relationship between our environment and our emotions, the aesthetics of joy, what it looks like to us throughout our lives, and how we can continue to find it.


Target Fall Week: Keynote Address

In this talk, Ingrid shares the secrets to finding and creating more joy in daily life with 2000 Target employees as part of their Fall Week celebration.


TED 2018: Where Joy Hides and How to Find It

In this talk, the closing address of the 2018 TED conference, Ingrid reveals the surprisingly tangible roots of joy and shows how we all can find — and create — more of it in the world around us. This talk has been viewed more than 17 million times across all versions.

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