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Reclaim joy

Tired of waiting for happiness? In this live workshop series, you'll learn evidence-based strategies to create a life you love, right here and now.

Joy Resources


The Joyful Toolkit

A set of six tools designed to help you find your aesthetics of joy and bring them into your home, work, and life.


Joyful Reader's Guide

Reading JOYFUL with a book club? This guide is the perfect companion, with 30 questions and exercises for discussion and reflection.


50 Ways to Find More Joy Every Day

This 7-page guide is jam-packed with 50 actionable and affordable tips for creating more joy in daily life.


Joyful Home Assessment

Is your home joyful? Here's how to tell, along with steps you can take to increase the joy in your space.


The Joylist Planner

Find more joy by being intentional about planning it into your busy life. Use this tool to help you plan for joy and make space for it in daily life.


Joyful Conversation Starters

Need something to talk about other than the news? This free resource offers 36 creative, uplifting prompts to spark conversation and reflection with those you love.


The Joyspotter's Guide

This beautiful resource shares my 12 favorite tips for finding more joy in your surroundings, everywhere you go.


TED: Where joy Hides & How to Find it

Watch the talk that received a standing ovation at TED 2018, and has been viewed more than 17 million times across channels since. This talk reveals the simple secrets to finding more joy in everyday life — and creating it for others.

Aspen Ideas: The Surprising Power of Joy

In this talk from the 2019 Aspen Ideas festival, Ingrid explains how joy influences our well-being and how we can cultivate more of it in our society.

RSA: How to find joy in the everyday

At the Royal Society in London, Ingrid shares insights from psychology and neuroscience that show how to find joy hiding in the everyday things around us.

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Find more joy every day

The Joyspotter’s Guide is a free resource that shares my favorite tips for finding more joy, everywhere you go!

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