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Hi, I’m Ingrid Fetell Lee. A designer and author, I founded the Aesthetics of Joy to help you create more joy in life and work through design.

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A layout of 6 different curvy lamps

18 Curvy Lamps to Bring Joy to Your Home

Curvy lamps soften the hard edges of a space while also brightening up dark corners. Here are 18 ideas for adding one to your space.

Q&A with Ajiri Aki: Joie de Vivre

Does joy look different in France? Designer, author, and American in Paris Ajiri Aki demystifies the concept of joie de vivre and shows us how to find more beauty in the everday.

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A simple trick to help you get inspired

Feeling stuck on a home design challenge? Try this simple trick to help you break out of a rut and get inspired.

Design quiz

What's your design personality?

You know your style, but what about your design personality? This quick quiz will help you understand your strengths and challenges when it comes to designing your home, and give you tips to create a home you love on your own terms.

“This book has the power to change everything! Writing with depth, wit, and insight, Ingrid Fetell Lee shares all you need to know in order to create external environments that give rise to inner joy.”

- Susan Cain, Author of Quiet and Founder of Quiet Revolution

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Q&A with Gretchen Rubin: How to Awaken the Senses

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