Joyful art: Kristen Rego

By Ingrid Fetell Lee


While prints are a good way to cover a desert of empty walls without breaking the bank, nothing quite matches the texture and emotional appeal of an original. Enter Buy Some Damn Art. BSDA works with up-and-coming artists to offer original works for sale at reasonable prices. Sales start every Tuesday, flash-sale style, with six to eight pieces by a single artist at a time.

These paintings by Kristen Rego caught my eye; you may have to fight me for one of them. They sort of have a Rosita-Missoni-goes-to-Bushwick vibe, no? I love the cadence of soft gradients and intense, vibrating stripes. Says the artist:

This series began as a secondary practice in the studio. While painting, I began recording each color I mixed on the paper bag to better understand my palette. By the time I reached the bottom, a composition revealed itself. Each line of paint worked together as a whole to create an unexpected illusion. This unintentional break through caught me off guard. It became something to investigate further.

Investigate further (or purchase) here.

Duro10frame full grande

Duro3det 2 grande

12det 1 grande

Images: courtesy of BSDA

August 14th, 2012


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