Color blocks in nature + Friday finds

By Ingrid Fetell Lee

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Right now I am loving the work of artist Andrew Faris (thanks, Tina!), who makes giant color-blocked compositions and photographs them in nature. I especially like pieces like Rebound, above, and Deep, which line up with the horizon and use a color palette that makes the whole piece feel like it’s been dip-dyed. In his artist’s statement, Andrew says: 

In an increasingly complex and competitive society sternly ruled by technology and stainless robotic hands, there is impassioned need for artistic respite.

Which may not be an earth-shattering revelation but it is certainly a good reminder. Joy lives in the basic elements: color, nature, paint, sky. Joy is out there, people! Plus, now that we are in late February and temps keep dropping isn’t it nice to see images that make winter look at least a little bit sexy?

On to the Friday finds. This weekend I am…

  • Trying to recover from having eight puppies show up my office yesterday morning. Yes, this is a real thing!
  • Suddenly getting excited to plan myself a birthday party with these Liberty of London supplies. (I would literally walk around head to toe in Liberty prints if I could, so I love the unexpected places they’re popping up these days.)
  • Feeling fascinated that gratitude is under attack.
  • Steeling myself for the crowds at the David Zwirner gallery, all waiting to get transformed by light at the Doug Wheeler show
  • Pondering “the new anthropomorphism” — a trend where people want to live, eat, and tweet like animals.
  • Lying around on our new living room rug from Boutique Maroc. Though our apartment officially became ours last September, we are just now finally starting to settle in. I’ve always wanted one of these classic Beni Ourain rugs and finally managed to convince Albert that “vintage” and “used” are not quite the same thing 😉
  • Loving this justification for the joy of taking a bath.
Have a wonderful, colorful weekend. See you next week! 
February 19th, 2016


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