How to be more intuitive

How to be more intuitive — in design and in life

A portrait of Ingrid head and shoulders wearing a white dress

Ask Ingrid: Secret Talents, Slow Design, and What To Do When You Have No Idea What Brings You Joy

The Heroine’s Journey Home

The Heroine’s Journey Home

Ways My Work Has Changed My Life

5 ways my work has changed my life

There’s no perfect home. But there are lots of joyful ones.

Why your home’s worst feature might be key to creating more joy

Text reading What's your design superpower on a neutral background with blue, yellow, pink, and orange shapes.

What’s your design superpower?

Fix your home’s funky energy with these 3 tips

What to do when you don’t see eye to eye on home design

What's killing your joy? Take this 3-minute quiz to find out.
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