The hidden surprise inside Norway’s new passports

By Ingrid Fetell Lee

141117 EYE NorweiganPassport1 jpg CROP promo large2

Check out Norway’s beautiful new passports. First, how sleek are the covers? So simple and beautiful. But what’s really amazing is inside.

141117 EYE Neue1 jpg CROP original original

Designed by Neue Design Studio, the pages feature abstract graphics highlighting the country’s natural wonders. They’re lovely in their own right, but place them under UV light, and the scene turns to night. The sun becomes the moon, and a pattern reminiscent of the aurora borealis becomes visible.

141117 EYE Neue2 jpg CROP original original

The intent of the design is as a security feature, but what joyful security! So many times you see elements like seals or holograms slapped on top of a design; it’s so rare to see them actually considered and integrated into the thing itself. And in a way that brings such a sense of delight. Definitely makes me wish the U.S. would hire some similarly clever designers to rethink our passports!

Source: Slate

Via: @njokigitahi

November 20th, 2014


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    Discussion (5 Comments)

  1. Nick on November 21, 2014

    That’s wonderful! A great companion to their new currency:
    Norway seems to be doing everything right.

    1. Ingrid on November 24, 2014

      Whoa, these are truly beautiful. I love the text that goes with it: “The beauty of boundaries is about the transition between sea and land, where something meaningful and interesting happens. Over time the sea becomes commonplace, just as land easily becomes so. However, where sea and land meet there is life. There is life in the same way as life on earth exists between sea and air, between land and air. Where water meets earth, soft meets hard, wet meets dry, life is created.”

      I’ve always been interested in borders, and love seeing that expressed in the design. Thanks, Nick! (And the html worked just fine!)

  2. Nick on November 21, 2014

    Whoops – demonstrated my lack of HTML skill. But the link is there.

  3. Sherry Crowson on November 21, 2014

    Those passports are just lovely! Daily things need a little lovin’ because they are well, daily! I have a lovely cup a friend made for me, large and interesting, a peacock coyly flirting with the tail wrapped around most of the cup. When I put tea or coffee into it, it seems to become something more, a sacrament or joy on another level. Making security beautiful, because it’s necessary, seems to be a reminder that there are so many daily things, making them a little more special can add a lot to your life! Thanks for showing such a great example the how such a small change can have a great impact!

    1. Ingrid on November 24, 2014

      Thanks, Sherry! And yes, more joy in daily things! Today is grey here, so I’m going to put on my bright yellow rainbows. Wishing you some sunshine today, wherever you are!


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