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By Ingrid Fetell Lee
A La Nouvelle

When I designed the first version of this site, I was flying blind. I found a WordPress theme that looked clean and simple, and spent hours figuring out how to change the code so that the links would show up a bright sunny yellow. I learned as I went, bolting on new features like I was tinkering under the hood of an old jalopy. So much has changed since then. Mobile phones, Instagram, Pinterest, responsive design. A new design was well overdue. I hope you agree it was worth the wait! 

Our new site is mobile-friendly, easier to navigate and read, but more than that, every last pixel was designed with joy in mind. It makes my heart burst every time I see it, and I hope it does the same for you. 

A few new features I’d love to point out as you’re exploring our new digs… 

The Joyletter

The Joyletter is a monthly burst of joy for your inbox, featuring some extras you won’t find on the site. This is also where you can get updates about The Aesthetics of Joy book, and there will be special bonuses before the launch that will only be available to subscribers. No spam, just joy — your email stays only with us, and it will never be shared or sold. Just click the subscribe link up top to sign up!


See something while you’re out and about that gives you a little rush of delight? We’re gathering these moments using the hashtag #joyspotting. On instagram, just add the hashtag to your post, and you might find your ‘gram featured on our homepage! 

Theme of the Week

Each week we’ll be spotlighting a different joyful topic here and on Instagram and Facebook. This week’s theme is Autumn, and you can share own Autumn joys using hashtag #joyspotting. If you have suggestions of themes you’d like to see on the site, please let us know in the comments. 

Social Life

The Aesthetics of Joy is not only on Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can subscribe through Bloglovin’, if that’s your pleasure, or Feedly, if you prefer. Wherever you’re wired, we’d appreciate your follows, likes, and hearts. 

The Aesthetics of Joy

Oh yeah… Longtime readers may be surprised to find our name got a teeny bit longer, and are probably not going to let me get away without explaining it! There is a good reason, but I’m going to keep you in suspense a bit longer and save that for another post 😉


It goes without saying that we’d love to know what you think about the new site. What do you love? What could we do better? Please let us know!

And as with anything new, there could be bugs here and there over the coming days. We’d be super-grateful if you’d let us know anything that’s not working for you, and thanks in advance for your understanding should anything get in the way of a joyful visit to our site!

The Aesthetics of Joy brand and site were designed by the superheroes at Gander, and developed by the truly wonderful Yonderday!
September 30th, 2016


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