Summer’s end

By Ingrid Fetell Lee

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Summer is that season of joyful, frenetic energy when our lives seem at their most vibrant. Soaked in the light of long days, we go from scene to scene without the same need for rest we have in other seasons. We are fueled by solar energy, our molecules sped up, expanding in the heat. Work slows down, weekends expand. And every once-empty space brims with abundance: with foods, with sensations, with delight. The pleasures are simple, but all encompassing.

It all goes too fast. But at the end I look back and wonder how it was possible that I did so many things. I seem to have been everywhere at once, on a beach and a farm, a rooftop and a stadium, an island and an opera house. By all measures, it has been a gorgeously full summer.

But it’s not over yet! There’s one more weekend, and I hope you’re making the most of it. My wish for you is that you get to do one wonderful summer thing that you didn’t get to do, perhaps that you put off doing, for the last three months. Maybe you haven’t eaten a fat red tomato, or browsed a yard sale, or put your feet in salty ocean water. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy every minute!


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September 1st, 2012


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    Discussion (3 Comments)

  1. Sherry Crowson on September 2, 2012

    Ah. . . summer! Cantaloupe! And that picnic with all the old pyrex bowls and luscious food, water and sun and sand! Bare feet! My kids call me the solar powered mom, I revel in hot hot hot sunny days with long hours of light. Your end of summer photos are perfect for this holiday. I am going early to get the makings for broccoli salad and the last hurrah with my family, bar-b-qued chicken, deviled eggs, a trip to the book store and plenty of sunshine on the deck. What could be more delightful than good food and better company!

  2. Sherry Crowson on September 2, 2012

    Okay, going down my email for this morning, I found this following the weekly Brain Pickings! It’s so colorful! It reminded me of the kind of thing you like so I thought I would share it . . here is the url:

    And some very neat things, art, following your own imagination, learning to read, heck, learning anything new always are harder before they get easier!

    1. Ingrid on September 7, 2012

      Sherry, what a great find! I love it. Even better: “solar powered mom”! How cool is that?

      Your holiday weekend sounds amazing. I hope it was…



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