The joy of little girl fashion

By Ingrid Fetell Lee


Today’s first bit of joy comes from illustrator/photographer Garance Doré’s wonderful vacation shots of a little girl she met on the beach in Corsica. A friend once said to me that she frequently has the urge to dress like a little girl, pulling out an orange top and a pink skirt and believing that the two look just perfect together. Before the anxieties about body image, tween trends, and peer-pressures set in, girls take a pleasure in dressing that is deliciously pure. The little girl fashion sense revels in color, delights in texture, and gives credence to the David Hicks maxim, “Colors do not clash. They vibrate.”

This photo makes me want to do my errands in a skirt like that, worn with a t-shirt in some bright shade of red or yellow. And if it’s raining, maybe add some wellies and a striped umbrella?

September 1st, 2009


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